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French Luggage


The French Luggage range is currently unavailable.


To our dear French Luggage Customer:


Regrettably French Luggage is currently unable and there are no remaining selections.  The French Luggage Factory is temporarily closed and there is no one to speak with in that regard. 


If an alternate selection might due, we, at Sterling & Burke are pleased to offer options for you.


If you require repairs, and you are in America, we suggest that you send that you contact a repair shoppe located in New York as follows:

The Fixery

80 Mott Avenue

Inwood, New York 11096, USA

Telephone: 1.800-2-FIXERY and 1.516.371.0075

Facsimile: 1.516.371.5451

Email:  [email protected]

Web Site:


The Fixery is the only repair shoppe that we know of that we, at Sterling & Burke trust with your beloved French Luggage.  The Fixery is unable to honour any warranties that The French Luggage Company may have provided.



With kind regards,


The Staff of Sterling & Burke Ltd

Washington, DC


 French Luggage is currently unavailable. by Sterling & Burke Ltd, Washington, DC  1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244

Click here to view the collections of America's premier luggage manufacturer ...French Luggage

An exquisite collection of luxury luggage.
Magnificent accessory pieces such as a hat box, shoe carrier, stylish totes.

A complete collection of suitcases and garment bags on wheels.

Custom luggage requests are welcome.
We create custom luggage collections for corporations and individuals.

Our in stock collection includes
Classique Noir, Herringbone, Paradise, and Grey Rose.


In 1946, Mr. Clarence Lee French started a company to
craft the finest luggage in the world. He created products for people who had the
taste and means to demand the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.
With consummate skill and artistry, Mr. French quickly established a new industry
standard for quality. Today, French is known throughout the world as the
premiere American luggage company.

Over the years, French has established the industry standard for quality
and pioneered many design improvements. The legendary qualities of
French combine exclusively designed fabrics with the most durable,
lightweight construction. French leads the way for many technological innovations
that make our luggage stronger, more convenient, and more durable.

French combines Old World craftsmanship with New World design.
The results are unique design innovations like our patented trolley.

Another French Company exclusive is the frame on our Tubulaire series.
The French Company strives to incorporate new technology while retaining
the best of the old.

Our quality control methods assure you of luggage and accessories of the
finest craftsmanship. In the unlikely event that a defect in workmanship
or material should occur, French will correct the problem absolutely free of charge.
Repair of product due to normal wear and tear, or misuse, such as airline damage,
will be subject to a reasonable service charge based on time and materials.

At last a new space age fabric that combines beauty with strength.
Impervial is made exclusively for the French Company using a unique fiber
that is one of the strongest in the world. Most fabric colors are not truly
permanent because the dyes are on the surface and fade easily. However,
Impervia colors are locked into the very fibers from which the yarns are spun.
Impervia colors are virtually impervious to the effects of years of sunlight, stains, dirt
and even harsh cleaning products. This new fiber allows our weavers to create a
fabric that looks and feels like the finest wool in subtle blends of colors that are
truly permanent. Unlike wool, Impervial will not "pill" and will continue to
look like new after years of travel.

click here to view the Catalog Index

Please ring Sterling & Burke Ltd at 1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244
or e-mail us below.
We await the luxury of serving you.

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The following includes information thought to be helpful
for those possibly less familiar with terms typically
used within this industry.

The French Company, also known as French Luggage,
is a luxury luggage manufacturer located in California.

The French Company will manufacture custom, luggage,
designed to meet your specifications.
In addition, French Luggage manufactures the following collections:
Grey Rose, Paradise, Herringbone, Black Shadow, Classique Noir.
We find the name Classique Noir is difficult to spell and/or remember.
Classique Noir will frequently be referred to as Classic Noir.

The French Company Luggage includes specialty cases such as a shoe case,
train case, valise, cosmetic case, and hat box.
Their more typical cases include a garment bag, garment cover,
garment bag on wheels, suitcase, pullman, duffel, duffle, and train case.

French Luggage is a manufacturer of American made, custom,
fine quality, expensive, exclusive, personalized luggage.

We hope this information has proven helpful.
Should you have any suggestions as to how we may improve the usability of our site,
please contact us.
Thank you.

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