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HARTMANN TRUNK CO. was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by a
Bavarian Trunkmaker, Joseph S. Hartmann in the year 1877.

Mr. Hartmann had a vision to build
"luggage so fine it will stand as a symbol of excellence."
Because of his vision, the company has grown to what it is today.

FOR OVER 120 YEARS, the heritage of Hartmann has been rooted
in the selection and crafting of the finest leather products
for travel and business.

Throughout its history, Hartmann has upheld its image as the definitive
American purveyor of stylish carrying bags, always viewing luggage
as a veritable fashion accessory.

FROM DESIGNING GORGEOUS yet practical trunks and pullmans
for steam liner travel to the development of smaller, fashionable
suitcases to coincide with the launching of new commercial jets,
Hartmann has always been the brand of choice for discerning travelers.

HARTMANN'S RICH TRADITION of creating timeless, sophisticated
designs continues with our latest collections, created for the individual
who appreciates the value of understated American luxury,
exceptional quality, and distinctive style.

THE HARTMANN CUSTOMER appreciates stylish design and
the finest materials, demands practical functionality, and
truly respects American heritage and craftsmanship.

attache to elegant luggage that you will carry with you for a lifetime,
Hartmann is ready for any journey.

GENERATIONS have come to depend on Hartmann as a true American icon,
a symbol of heritage, tradition and confidence, now infused
with 21st century style.

Hartmann, a classic reborn.

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