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WE MANUFACTURE classic leather briefcases,
the lawyers brief bag, flap over briefcases, custom catalog and pilot cases,
computer bags, trial cases, and the extended edge attache.

WE HAVE THE DESIGN and production expertise to manufacture
to your specifications in full-grain belting leather.

WE WELCOME INQUIRES regarding custom contract work.

SINCE 1919, SCHLESINGER BROTHERS LEATHER / KORCHMAR has manufactured American fine
quality traditional belting leather briefcases.

Our Styles May Change, But Our Standards Never Vary.

SCHLESINGER BROTHERS LEATHER / KORCHMAR products combine luxury, performance,
and style giving our products a distinctive appeal.

ONLY 5 PERCENT of the world's market of hides meet Schlesinger's / Korchmar's exacting
standards. The natural markings of the leather are allowed to show
through with all their original beauty. The natural variations are what give each
Schlesinger Brothers Leather case its individual character.

FROM INTERIOR TO EXTERIOR, every Schlesinger / Korchmar item
is constructed using the highest quality materials crafted the old-fashioned way
"by hand" with meticulous care and attention to detail. Schlesinger Leather Goods
are particularly noted for their functionality and outstanding organizational features
such as complete interior organizers, multiple types and sizes of interior and
exterior pockets, and removable padded computer sleeves.

The Schlesinger Leather Goods Collection ...made in America
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We have included this summary to provide additional assistance
to those possibly unfamiliar with terms typically used within this industry.

Schlesinger / Kochmar offers what would be considered traditional, classic, American briefcases.

Brief cases are frequently referred to as
briefcases, brief bags, briefbags, attaches, attache cases,
pilot cases, pilotcases, lawyers bags, computer bags,
computer cases, business cases, document bags, portfolios,
flap over brief cases, dispatch bags, trial cases.

A single business bag would be referred to as a briefcase, brief case, briefbag,
brief bag, lawyers bag, lawyer's bag, pilot case, pilotcase,
catalogue case, business case, document bag, portfolio, flap over brief case,
dispatch bag, trial case, catalogue case, computer bag, computer case.
As you can see there are many general terms for a bag
designed to carry documents.

Schlesinger / Korchmar is best known for their timeless, traditional, classic
American styled, well made, good quality leather briefcases.

Schlesinger / Korchmar manufactures custom cases.
They make either one custom briefcase or custom catalog case or they will make
large quantities of custom catalog cases, custom briefcases, and portfolios.
Schlesinger / Korchmar is a manufacturer that has the capability to do contract work which
typically includes embossed pieces.
Schlesinger / Korchmar is known as Schlesinger, Schlesinger Brothers,
Schlessinger, Schlessinger Brothers, Schlesinger Leather, Schlessinger Leather,
and Schlesinger Leather Goods.  Schlesinger Brothers has recently been known as Korchmar,

Korchmar Leather, Korchmar Leather Briefcases, Korchmar Inc.



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We are located near the southeast corner of the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue, M Street, and 29th Street.
We are in the same block as Four Seasons Hotel Washington.


Sterling & Burke Ltd ...home, please.

by Sterling & Burke Ltd


Please telephone or e.mail us at [email protected] we are very pleased to assist you.

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