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Trafalgar Leather Belts, Custom Belts, Suspenders, Braces, Wallets, Billfolds, Exotic Leathers ...many handmade in America


Trafalgar Leather...

Trafalgar embossed leather belts, exotic leather belts, wallets, card cases, bill folds

Trafalgar Leather Belts ...Italian Leather Belts ...beautiful handmade leather belts

 Alligator Belts, Exotic Belts, Custom Belts, Custom Leather Belts, Custom Belts and Buckles

This belt strap is from wild Louisianna American Alligator, vegetable tanned in a natural, luxurious eco-safe process, not chemically tanned. Wonderfully supple, this belt will get better as it is used and ages. The Custom Buckles are match the strap


Trafalgar Suspenders...

 Trafalgar Braces, Suspenders, Braces, Limited Edition Braces, Classic Suspenders, Formal Suspenders, Formal Braces, Limited Edition Suspenders all from the Trafalger Store Collection


Trafalgar's Limited Edition Braces are fully adjustable suspenders made from the finest quality 100% silk threads woven in France. Produced exclusively for Trafalgar and are not available anywhere else in the world. Genuine leather accents and brushed silver clinches compliment this unique product. Each Limited Edition Brace is numbered to Guarantee it's Limited Edition status.


Exotic Leather goods ...wallets, billfolds, card cases ...Alligator, Crocodile ...Lizard


Trafalgar Crocodile Card Case is made from the skins of Natural Wild South American Crocodile. Exteriors are hand stained, and hand scored. All leather interior.


The Trafalgar Thayer Leather Duffle Bag ...handmade in a soft Elk grain leather.

Trafalgar Thayer Leather Duffle Bag: Available in 2 Colors

Trafalgar presents FORMAL SETS... Cufflinks, Studs, Cummerbunds & Bowties



Trafalgar is a symbol of American quality.  Founded over 30 years ago, our company's mission remains the same... to make the highest quality leather goods in the United States.  Most of Trafalgar's exquisite belts are still handmade in Norwalk, Connecticut... many of the fine craftsmen who started with Trafalgar are still there, imparting their keep eye for detail to a new generation of craftsmen.


Why choose Trafalgar?  Quite simply... We're perfectionists.


DETAIL is EVERYTHING... It's what sets us apart ...ahead.


Please allow Sterling & Burke the luxury of assisting you with your Trafalgar purchase.

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it is our pleasure to assist you.


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Sterling & Burke Ltd ...home, please.

by Sterling & Burke Ltd


Please telephone or e.mail us at [email protected] we are very pleased to assist you.

Sterling & Burke Ltd, Washington, DC

Office: 1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244  Store: +1.202.333.2266

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