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May I have a solid shaft Whangee or Malacca Cane Umbrella?

    We are sorry, no.  With a solid shaft (one piece umbrella) you must have a wood that is dense enough to withstand the tremendous force against it one might expect during a terrific rain storm.  With Malacca and Whangee the wood is simply not dense enough to be carved thin enough to create an umbrella shaft.

Why should I select a silk canopy?

    All umbrellas had silk canopies prior to the development of nylon.  Silk is the strongest material available and will last the longest. ...It is not uncommon to have someone ring us with the discovery of their Grandfather's Silk umbrella, found in the attic after many years.  There may be some damage to the frame, but typically, the silk is in fantastic shape.  Aside from the durability ...nothing is more elegant.  If you could actually see a silk umbrella next to a nylon twill ...if the price range is appropriate for you, you would, absolutely select silk. by Sterling & Burke Ltd, Washington, DC  1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244


Sterling & Burke Ltd ...home, please.

by Sterling & Burke Ltd


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Office: 1.800.205.7739 / +1.202.331.4244  Store: +1.202.333.2266

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